Welcome to Eastwood. We're a development studio based in Melbourne, Australia. We make quality apps and websites for clients and for ourselves.

  • Require end-to-end app or web design and development?
  • Simply after a development partner?
  • In need for some consulting help with your project?
  • You're from the press and want to talk about one of our apps?
  • Looking for directions to a good cafe?

Our Work

Our work has been featured in TechCrunch, Gizmodo, Business Insider and on the App Store.


Hot out of the oven - Big Bash Smash

If you're a sports fan, you've no doubt at one time or another imagined not only playing for your favourite team, but also being a key player in winning a match!

Blurred lines

There's been a fair bit of discussion over the last few months on the topic of adapting an app across multiple screen sizes. 

What we've got in store for ETA’s iOS 8 update

As with most in our industry, we cannot wait for the release of iOS 8. Our excitement is two pronged, one for the improved tools that will help us better market and manage our apps. And two, for the new technologies and APIs available in this new version of iOS.