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View travel time and traffic conditions to your favourite places.

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ETA is your personal driving assistant. ETA informs you of travel times and traffic conditions to all your frequently visited destinations. Link ETA with your favourite maps app and turn-by-turn directions can be had in just two taps.

Available for iPhone and Apple Watch


View trip duration, arrival time and understand the traffic situation instantly

ETA shows you the travel time and arrival time to all your locations. Also added is a handy beacon outlining the current traffic condition on route.

Need directions? Simply double tap the travel icon and your favourite maps app will launch with the route plotted and turn-by-turn directions ready to go!

Travel time, traffic reporting and two taps to directions are available on your wrist with ETA for Apple Watch.

Detailed journey and route information including a travel recommendation

Further detail for any of your locations is available when needed.

View information on alternative routes, browse a large map of the journey or simply access a recommendation on when best to travel.

Access travel information outside the app

Travel time and current traffic conditions are available in ‘Notification Centre’ on iPhone and as a Glance on Apple Watch. Directions can be accessed in flash!


All contact and location information is stored locally on your phone. No personal information is transmitted or stored on our servers.

Basic usage information is captured with Google Analytics and app crash data is logged with Crashlytics.